How to Avoid Burnout in your Business

What is burnout and is it real? Most of us have days when we feel stressed, listless, lacking in enthusiasm, and frankly, not at our best. But what if it’s turning out that EVERY day for you is a bad day? A degree of stress can be energising. A deadline...

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7 Common Traits of a Perfectionist

Who doesn’t want to be perceived as perfect? But beware! Perfect is not at all the same as perfectionist. Perfectionism can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand it can motivate you to be a high achiever and deliver top quality work, but on the other it...

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10 Signs You’re a High Functioning Procrastinator

Sure, everyone has at some time in their life put something off that they didn’t want to do, but there is a thin line between occasional procrastination and chronic procrastination. A person with chronic procrastination issues will experience these tendencies pretty...

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