Sure, everyone has at some time in their life put something off that they didn’t want to do, but there is a thin line between occasional procrastination and chronic procrastination. A person with chronic procrastination issues will experience these tendencies pretty much every time they come up against a task that has some emotional friction associated with it.

If you ask anyone who knows me, what they think about me, they will tell you I love trying new things, I’m an action taker and a high-achiever. Little do they know that I am prone to CRAZY PROCRASTINATION! I will literally find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do before sitting down to do the task in hand.

As an “Obliger” personality type, I respond extremely well to external accountability outside of myself (deadlines, external expectations etc). As such, I feel so perfectly qualified to be an Accountability Coach, even though I am a high functioning procrastinator, as I have YEARS of experience under my belt of procrastinating… but still succeed in pushing through to get results and outcomes in life and business. 

Here are 10 signs that you might be one too!

  1. Is social media your best friend? Are you constantly checking your phone?
  2. Are you good at preparing pretty to-do lists but rarely get round to achieving your tasks? Your false sense of organisation means your list is growing longer than Pinocchio’s nose!
  3. Are you a perfectionist? Your tasks never get completed because they are never good enough. You are constantly editing/adding/deleting.
  4. Do you sleep a lot at odd times? Are you chronically late? You have no daily routine with clearly defined times of when to work and when to rest.
  5. Do you focus on non-essential tasks? You are unable to prioritise, and in consequence, are always busy, rushing around like a headless chicken, but feeling like you’re accomplishing little.
  6. Do you lack self-belief and confidence? You admire hard workers and high achievers but deep down believe you can’t compete. You may feel insecure and get easily stressed.
  7. Do you have difficulty coping with change and transition? You are anxious and aimless at the end of a task, and take your time before diving into the next one.
  8. Do you dream big but never get beyond the dreaming stage? You accomplish much in your head, but it never gets further than that.
  9. Are you a self-saboteur? You are so scared of doing something wrong that you actually do nothing.
  10. Are you a daredevil? This person believes that dicing with deadlines pushes them to do better – but in fact it means their output is substandard because they have not devoted adequate time to it – scrambling the task together at the last minute.

To combat this dream-stealing, discipline-delaying disease…

Here are a few tips that help with procrastination


Put a timer on your tasks. Setting an intention for a specific period of time, for a specific task means that you have a focus, with a deadline – exactly what every procrastinator needs!

Develop an easy to follow routine that feels good to you, with planned breaks and rewards commensurate with each task completed. More of the carrot, less of the stick…

Break tasks down into smaller, manageable chunks, spaced out with breaks. Simplify into a series of specific actions and do them one at a time.

Ditch the distractions – turn off the notifications, put your phone on silent – you can use them as a reward AFTER the task is done – eg, only after I have completed this assignment, I can check social media.

Find someone to hold you accountable – Work with an accountability coach (like me) to help you build the daily disciplines you need to stop you spinning your wheels and actually move forward. Share deadlines/goals with colleagues/friends – then share successes when goals are achieved.

Struggling to write that book, launch your podcast, start your business? What are you waiting for? I’ll help you collapse your timeline to success without the struggle so you can get out of procrastination and into ACTION

Hi, I’m Emily Claire.

I’m an Online Business & Accountability Coach helping FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS ditch the overwhelm, scale through SYSTEMS, and TAKE ACTION with MORE STRATEGY and LESS STRESS. I’ll teach you how to break through perfectionism, stay motivated and strategically build daily disciplines, systems and habits into your life that will push you into action.

Using the “Do Less, Achieve More” method, I’ll turn you into a ROUTINE QUEEN in no time. If you’re a struggling procrastinator, or just fed up of giving up on your self/goals/promises/intentions then I invite you to check out my coaching packages. We’ll set the direction and kickstart the action, with me alongside coaching you.

Working with Emily gave me the strategy and confidence I wouldn’t have had to start and launch my online product business. I had the idea, but she had the strategy and push I needed to get it up and going.

She helped me get over some mindset blocks I had around my abilities, held me accountable and I made sales on my launch day! I’m so grateful for her knowledge and support. If you get the chance to have her mentor you towards what you want to achieve then TAKE IT and buckle up!